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Winemaking is crafting a vintage's story. Both wine and words are artistic forms that have a long and rich history of evoking emotions, conveying messages, and inspiring creativity. Every grape is like a letter, picked with care and pressed to create a unique expression. It takes time, patience, and skill to create a story that can captivate the senses and linger in memories. Uppercase's Wine Club is a celebration of the artistry involved in winemaking and the story behind it all. It's more than just a wine club; it's a celebration of the art and craft of winemaking and storytelling, two traditions that have thrived for centuries.

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Can I purchase 18 bottles now and be done for the year?

While you can purchase at any time and receive your Club perks and discount, any wines purchased outside of a scheduled shipment do not apply to your commitment of 3 shipments.

So I just have to order 3 times in the next year?

The club shipments have already been scheduled and you will receive an email for each shipment with details of its contents. You will also receive instructions on how to edit or add to your shipment. While you are welcome to place additional orders between these club shipments as often as you like, please note that these three scheduled shipments are part of your club commitment.They will take place in Spring, Summer, and Fall (typically March, July, and November).

Can we take our wine now?

While we are as excited as you are for your club shipments, it's unlikely we can release shipments early since they often contain new releases that we don’t have on-site ahead of time. That being said, you do receive your club discount on any purchase, any time.

If you’re running low on something, can you set some aside for me/ ship it with my club shipment/ save me some?

With our new home being on the cosy side, unfortunately, we don't have much space in our little wine shop. This means that only the items listed as available on your Club list (sent out in the email at the beginning of each Club cycle) can be shipped with your shipment. Most times we will send out emails notifying you that a wine is running low, allowing you to purchase before it's too late.

Can I cancel at any time?

After your initial 3 shipments, you can cancel anytime by calling or emailing us.Your membership will continue to renew until you request otherwise.

Is it possible to skip a shipment?

Yes! However, you must inform us before your club shipment is processed. By skipping a shipment, you are postponing your minimum requirement of 3 shipments. Members are generally allowed to skip one shipment per year, except in extenuating circumstances.

If I want to pick up my wine how long can you hold it at the winery?

If you plan to pick up your wine from the winery, we can hold it for you for up to two weeks. If you don't pick it up within this time frame, we will ship it to you at your expense at your Club shipping rates, unless you've made other arrangements with us in advance. Please note that if you want to pick up your order, you need to let us know before we process it unless you're already a designated pick-up club member.