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At Uppercase Winery, we realize that our success will come from surrounding ourselves with the right people. Those who share our vision, and are just as passionate and dedicated as we are.

Bert Evertt

The Evertt Family

Bert Evertt has had his sights on the BC wine industry for decades. In his youth, as an accomplished opera singer, Bert was afforded the opportunity to travel across Europe, where he developed an appreciation for fine wine. Over the last 40 years, his focus has been on providing the highest level of care at retirement homes throughout British Columbia’s Lower Mainland.

During summer vacations in Osoyoos with his wife and three children, Bert slowly began to search for vineyards that represented the best of the Okanagan Valley. After extensively evaluating vineyards with consulting winemaker and viticulturist Pascal Madevon, Bert purchased 20 acres on the Black Sage Bench. Uppercase was born.

Pascal Madevon+

Pascal Madevon, Winery and Viticulture Consultant

Pascal Madevon

Pascal Madevon, Winery and Viticulture Consultant

Pascal is a classically trained viticulturist and oenologist from Bordeaux, France with over 15 years of experience in French Winemaking. His resume includes Winemaker at St-Estephe’s Château Laffitte Carcasset and Technical Director of Château la Tour Blanche, a cru bourgeois domain, to General Manager of Château la Tour Carnet, a classified growth in Médoc. In 2001, inspired by the diverse terroir, unique microclimates and colourful soil types of the South Okanagan, Pascal moved from the old world to the new and joined Osoyoos Larose as winemaker and vineyard manager.  Now a full time consultant, Pascal is proud to lead the viticulture and winemaking at Uppercase Winery, where he looks to tell the story of each wine and unleash its signature in every bottle.

Pascal Madevon can be contacted at p.madevon@shaw.ca.




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