Exceptional Vineyards

Led by consulting winemaker and viticulturist Pascal Madevon, we searched extensively for vineyards that represent the best of the Okanagan Valley. Our passion for traditional Bordeaux reds and Chardonnay led us to the South Okanagan and the exceptional terroirs of the Black Sage Bench and Osoyoos West Bench. Today, we meticulously three estate vineyards under the stewardship of the Evertt family.

Uppercase Winery

Uppercase Vineyard

Our home vineyard on the Black Sage Bench has a gentle westward slope, capturing the intense afternoon sun and making it ideally suited to Bordeaux red varieties.

Location: Black Sage Bench

Varieties: Merlot (5.3 acres), Cabernet Sauvignon (2.8 acres), Cabernet Franc (3.25 acres), Malbec (1.25 acres), Petit Verdot (0.5 acres), and Pinot Noir (1.1 acres)

Soil: Well-draining gravel and sand soils over a gravel and clay base

Trellis: Vertical shoot positioning, spur-pruned

Elevation: 314m above sea level

Miller Road Vineyard

Miller Road Vineyard

Established in 2005, Miller Road Vineyard is on the lower terrace of the Black Sage Bench, just below Black Sage Road.

Location:Black Sage Bench

Varieties: Merlot (2.5 acres) and Riesling (6.5 acres)

Soil: Well-draining sand and gravel with slightly more clay

Trellis: Vertical shoot positioning, spur-pruned

Elevation: 320m above sea level

Border Vineyard

Border Vineyard

Located just 300 metres from the US border, our Border Vineyard was established in 2009.

Location: Osoyoos West Bench

Varieties: Chardonnay (2.5 acres), Pinot Gris (2.5 acres), Cabernet Franc (1.5 acres), and Merlot (3 acres)

Soil: Well-draining sand and silt

Trellis: Vertical shoot positioning, cane-pruned

Elevation: 317m above sea level


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